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s Every human being requiring a prosthesis should have access to maximum freedom and mobility, within their range of ability. All Dycor products are inspired and created by this basic philosophy. Since our inception in 1987, this underlying belief solidly manifests itself in the service, quality, and workmanship of our products.

Renew your clients' lifestyles with a new sense of freedom in movement. Specify Dycor products as part of your clinical protocol.

The design of our products takes into account the unique structural and functional requirements of geriatric and non-geriatric wearers because they do not routinely subject themselves to the same inadvertent and excessive stress. Dycor also limits prosthetic utilization to activities of daily living (ADL) as opposed to extra ambulatory or high impact sports which can increased repetitious structural loading.
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s Assisted and Unassisted are not the same as Independent.
Likewise, prosthetics should be categorized and coded by how they are used and not by how they are made.

Dycor’s Hybrid “H Series” feet are a simple, light weight and inexpensive approach to moderate and moderately high impact assisted and unassisted prosthetic ADLs. How simple - reliably simple.* How light – able to support and control 300 to 400 times its’ own weight in the para-sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.** How inexpensive – fractionally in some cases.*** In addition to L5984, recommended coding is one of the following – 5971, 5972, 5976 or 5981.

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* Patented and Patent Pending ** Unassisted and assisted ADL respectively, not suitable for extra-ambulatory activity
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